The Truth About The DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker

DeLonghi EC702The DeLonghi EC702 got my interest when I was looking for a very good entry-level espresso machine. Folks are looking for a machine that will produce a very good espresso, easy to operate and is very affordable.

We have to warn you though because this review is not going to be for everyone. We’re going to give you the vital information that will help you decide whether this espresso maker is the right choice for your needs. Right now there are many coffee lovers who are recommending it but you still have to know what you’re going to get.

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The DeLonghi EC702 is a pump driven machine with 15 bars. Whether you want to brew ground coffee (one or two 1-ounce shots at once) or ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods, this espresso machine makes it easy for you because of the the dual-action filter which gives you the option for two attachments. With the patented Sempre Crema Filter, many of the people who have used the EC702 were delighted as they were able to produce a perfect crema by using ground coffee.

According to our research, the DeLonghi EC702 prefers a very fine grind that’s meant for espresso machines and not the grind that’s for drip machines or stovetops. Many of the people have achieved awesome results by using the EC702 for brewing fresh coffee grounds instead of the ESE pods. It’s highly important that you carefully read and follow the instructions that’s included in this machine if you want the best tasting and high quality espresso. Please remember that with any machine, you will need some time to practice if you really want to make the perfect espresso. You can own a machine that costs  thousands and still make a bad tasting espresso if you don’t have enough experience.

DeLonghi EC702 Frothing System

The DeLonghi EC702 has a froth-assisted steam wand and this type of steaming wand is more common in entry-level espresso machines. It actually looks like a commercial type wand but the tip is a lot more complex. The steaming wand’s tip will circulate more air into your milk and this is helpful when making rich quality froth.

Majority of the reviews are very much satisfied with the froth produced by the steaming wand but some aren’t really happy with its placement. Some didn’t consider the awkward placement as a big deal because you won’t really need to move your frothing pot a lot when it’s already in place as the machine will do the rest. You’ll get a very good foam within 1-2 minutes and you can easily disassemble the steam wand (take it apart in 2 pieces) to rinse it off and get it ready for your next cup.


The 1,100-watt stainless steel boiler of the DeLonghi EC702 is another advantage over the others. The higher wattage basically means that your warm up times are faster and you can use it for brewing and steaming. This is all regulated by two individual thermostats so you can control the water and steam pressure separately. The boiler also serves two purposes; first it will prevent the accumulation of minerals and this will reduce the instances of descaling. Another is that it prevents your fresh water from getting that metallic taste.

The DeLonghi EC702 has a self priming operation so it quickly heats up. The instructions say that you have to wait for 15 minutes before you brew your first cup but a lot people say that 3-7 minutes is just enough warm up time.

Water Tank and Drip Tray

The water tank of the DeLonghi EC702 has a 44-ounce capacity. There’s also a water level indicator and if you fill up the water tank, you can make about four good sized cappuccinos with frothed milk.

The drip tray is made up of plastic with some metal grid and you can easily pull it off for quick cleaning. The clearance between the bottom of the filter holder and the drip tray is very good. But anything bigger than your regular espresso cup won’t really fit. But you can remove the drip tray if you want to use your regular mug and you’ll get enough space.

Build and Construction

One of the reasons why the DeLonghi EC702 is preferable from the many compact semi-automatic espresso machines is that it’s built with a stainless steel body which is resistant to corrosion. There are some plastic parts but the important parts are made of steel and the DeLonghi EC702 has actually the most stainless steel in its type. It will definitely look great in your kitchen and you won’t see any of that cheap looking black plastic.

The warming tray on top is an added benefit as you can warm up your cups before brewing. The DeLonghi EC702 also comes with its own tamper but a lot of people have actually recommended that you buy an external tamper because it will help you in being consistent with your tamping and it will help reduce the mess in your machine.


Cleaning the DeLonghi EC702 is really easy according to a lot of consumer testimonials and it’s the key to make sure it’s working like new. You can quickly remove the entire bottom part by using a small lift. As you’ve read earlier, you can also pull off the drip tray for easy cleaning. It’s also recommended that you thoroughly clean the area outside and around the boiler by removing the gasket because the grease from the coffee builds up and may affect the taste of your coffee. It’s also required that you descale the DeLonghi EC702 after every 200 coffees for best performance.

Price Point

Majority of the people are very much satisfied with the price point of the DeLonghi EC702 which is less than $200. You will find better pump driven espresso machines in the market but the more expensive ones usually don’t have that much of an impact when it comes to the quality of the espresso. If you’re really watching your budget then the DeLonghi EC702 is a very good choice in its class.


The DeLonghi EC702 received a lot of positive reviews from consumers but every product has their own imperfections. First, the tamper included in the DeLonghi EC702 is too small and really not that useful. The espresso tends to get on top of it, thus making some mess on your drip tray which will make your cleanup a little harder. Consumers didn’t really consider this as a big deal breaker since all they did and recommended was to buy an external tamper which is really cheap.

Another issue (we’ve mentioned this earlier) that you might find is that the steaming wand can be a bit restrictive. Some people find it too close to the machine and so there isn’t so much in terms of flexibility. But people solved this by just buying a smaller frothing pitcher. You can even buy a separate steaming wand if you want more flexibility but the bottom line is that people were still able to make some excellent Lattes with the steaming wand.

What People Say About The DeLonghi EC702?

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Consumer Experiences of DeLonghi EC702 This 2012

We’re going to continue our discussion with the DeLonghi EC702 espresso maker. This time we’re going to share with you some of the experiences from consumers who gave their reviews this 2012. If you want to read the full review of the DeLonghi EC702 and get the link for the lowest price, then head on to the homepage of this website. Now let’s get started…

One individual decided to write a review after using the EC702 for a year. He noted that he researched a lot of espresso makers before buying the DeLonghi EC702. Positive reviews and the affordable price were the two main reasons on his decision to buy it. In his experience he noticed that the machine was not dripping properly and so he tried cleaning it with the bottle of cleaner and water but that didn’t solve the issue. After a few days, it was not dripping at all and so he assumed that it’s not working anymore.

He tried to unscrew the little screen where the coffee goes and he discovered that it was clogged with ground coffee granules. He then cleaned the screen thoroughly and when it was time to turn on his DeLonghi EC702, he was very satisfied because it was working like it was brand new as the drip of the espresso became steady once again. The lesson in this scenario is to make sure you frequently clean your DeLonghi EC702 especially if you think you’re experiencing some pump problems.

Next is from a consumer who waited for over a month before writing what he thinks of the DeLonghi EC702. He waited for a month because there was a learning curve in using this espresso maker. He then shared two main issues that he experienced during the initial stages. First issue was that the coffee is dripping out slowly and another issue is that the froth of the milk was very small.

Fortunately he found a solution for both the issues and it’s not directly because of the DeLonghi EC702. The reason for the slow coffee drips was because he was grinding the coffee too finely with a blade grinder. Now when you apply some tamping to a powdered coffee grind, the flow of the water is going to be greatly restricted. The solution for the second issue (small froth in milk) is the type of milk he was buying. It seems that all skim milk is not created equal. He tried different skim milks and finally found a good type that produced a lot of froth. Now the lesson that you can get from this experience is not to grind the coffee into too finely and carefully choose your skim milk. Keeping these tips in mind will definitely allow you to have a great coffee experience with the DeLonghi EC702.

One individual bought the DeLonghi EC702 as a replacement for his 10-year old Starbucks Barista Machine. Like everyone else, he read some reviews before buying but he was outright skeptical that the EC702 could replace a reliable machine from Starbucks. He’s been using the DeLonghi EC702 every single day for a few weeks and so far he’s a very satisfied customer.

The pros that he mentioned were actually the almost the same as the ones in the DeLonghi EC702 review in this website. But there were some additional pros; the pump has the right pressure and not that noisy, good crema is produced when you got your tamping right, mechanical parts look solid enough to last, can easily pull out the water storage and fill it with water without removing the tank.

Of course, there are cons that he mentioned. It seems that the DeLonghi EC702 is not that very heavy. This can be a minor issue for some because you have to hold it with the other hand when you’re working with it so the machine won’t be moved around easily. But what he did was to attach some Velcro straps to the base of the DeLonghi EC702 so it would stick to his granite counter top. He then added that producing a great espresso will require some practice and patience. Again, this is a good time to remind you that there will be some patience involved and a little practice time if you want to produce the best tasting espresso from the DeLonghi EC702 and with other espresso makers.

If you have some experience with a steam espresso machine then you know that it takes a longer time to make an espresso and to steam the milk. The DeLonghi EC702 is pump driven espresso maker and it’s much faster than a steam operated one. One user wanted a premium high end espresso machine and according to her, the DeLonghi EC702 is close enough and it does not cost thousands of dollars.

According to one individual, there are four things where the EC702 performed really well. First, the water temperature measured in at a good 180 degrees F (82 degrees Celsius). Second, the separate thermostats and the control knob give greater control than machines that utilize a motor to drive steam pressure. The reviewer also added that with a little experimenting of the steam knob and the distance from the base of the cup will produce a very good froth with not a lot of effort. Next is that the steaming wand is very easy to clean but take note that the steam nozzle has a D shaped key that fits into the steam tube. If you didn’t insert it properly, the frother will not work properly and you’ll get some leaking. Lastly, the instructions included for the DeLonghi EC702 is very easy to follow.

When you read the reviews for the DeLonghi EC702, you will see that majority of the people are very keen on reading reviews before buying. This is actually a good habit to get into because this will save you a lot of time and money. This also tells you that the people who buy the DeLonghi EC702 and giving some very good reviews are very educated when it comes to finding the ideal espresso machine for their needs.

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